Crafting Well-Maintained Appeal With Limestone Retaining Perth Walls

Want to learn how to clean limestone retaining walls? Limestone retaining walls are designed to elevate the look of your home, but mould, mildew and moss can make them look unsightly, old and discoloured. With gorgeous warm summer days in Perth, the last thing you want is unattractive, mould-laden limestone walls bringing down the look of your entire home when you plan barbeques and get-togethers for your friends and family. A few cleaning tricks will ensure that your limestone retaining Perth walls look as attractive as when you first installed them.

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How To Clean Limestone Retaining Walls | Building The Impression Of Elegance

When planning how to clean limestone retaining walls, you need to keep several things in mind to ensure that you don’t do any damage to them. For instance, limestone walls can easily be damaged when you use acidic cleaning products because of the nature of the stone.

Similarly, high water pressure can end up displacing portions of the walls. So, your cleaning procedures must be carefully planned to avoid these small errors.

1. Start With A Thorough Rinse And Follow Up With A Limestone-Friendly Cleaner

Rinse down your limestone retaining walls with a hose. If you want more pressure, you can attach a nozzle to the hose. Alternatively, you can also use a pressure washer to rinse your limestone retaining walls. A pressure washer works best when you have stains that need to be removed from limestone. You will need to use the machine on a low setting to prevent any limestone damage.

Water will not damage limestone and will ensure that maximum dirt, grime, mould and dust get lifted off the surface. Mix the limestone-friendly cleaner with some water and apply it over your wall. Specialised limestone-friendly cleaners should be available at your local home improvement store or at a stone retailer. The cleaner must be completely neutral because even a hint of acid will etch the limestone.

2. Wipe The Limestone Surface With A Cloth

Use a cloth to wipe down the surface of your limestone retaining walls after the cleaner-water solution has been applied to the wall. You can also dip the cloth in the cleaning solution. If your walls are rough, you may use a soft-bristled brush.

When planning the process of how to clean limestone retaining walls, always work in small sections and rinse the area with clean water when you finish. This will prevent the cleaning solution from drying on the limestone wall surface, which could end up leaving streak marks on it. If the cleaning solution gets cloudy, change it to ensure your limestone walls are properly cleaned.

3. Dry Limestone Walls

Once you finish cleaning the limestone retaining wall surface, use a dry cloth to wipe down the smooth areas to prevent streak and splash marks. You can leave rough areas to dry naturally. Your dry limestone walls should look good as new once again. When working on cleaning limestone retaining Perth walls, choose a sunny day to expedite the drying process, so that dust and grime doesn’t settle on your wet walls once again.

Never make the mistake of using anything acidic against limestone. This includes citrus, vinegar and ammonia based cleaning products because you will end up damaging the limestone. Always make sure you are appropriately clothed and use gloves when cleaning the walls to prevent any injuries.

How WA Stoneworks Can Help Keep Your Limestone Walls Pristine

Even if you know how to clean limestone retaining walls, sometimes it just makes sense to rely on the professionals when you don’t have enough time or if your walls are just too dirty for you to tackle on your own. At WA Stoneworks, we specialise in installation and maintenance of limestone retaining walls in the Perth region, so you can expect high-quality services when you work with us, every time.

We work with you at every step, from building limestone walls to maintaining them, so you’ll want to benefit from our expert advice. If you’re wondering how to clean limestone retaining walls, just contact us and we will help you with all the information you need for the best results.