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residential limestone retaining wall Perth based in joondalup. Grass out front and fencing onto of the limestone

Building a limestone retaining wall is an excellent way to add both aesthetic prowess and functional appeal to your outdoor landscape, but wondering how to lay limestone retaining wall blocks on your own? You’re not alone! Laying retaining wall blocks requires careful thought and planning. But if you have the skill, you can do the job well with the right advice.

How To Lay Limestone Retaining Wall Blocks | Guiding You Through Your DIY Effort

You need to consider several factors before making the choice to lay your own limestone retaining walls in Perth. Alternatively, if you decide that it’s best to leave the job to professionals, WA Stoneworks specialises in limestone retaining wall construction in Perth, offering you over a decade’s worth of professional expertise and experience.

How To Lay Limestone Retaining Wall Blocks in Perth. Sand is sometimes used as a base layer

Consider Your Local Soil Conditions

Before establishing how to lay limestone retaining wall blocks in your front or backyard, you must consider your local soil conditions because certain areas within Perth can be challenging. Your limestone wall needs a proper foundation to ensure that it remains stable for the long haul. You may need to consult with local soil engineers to establish that the soil around your home is able to withstand the weight of limestone retaining walls. You will then need to choose the type of limestone retaining wall blocks you want to install in your home.

Establish Whether You Need Council Approval

Keep in mind that every shire in Perth has different rules with respect to retaining walls, but most walls built below 500 mm do not need approvals. Any retaining wall above this height will need special approval from your local council, so you may want to choose a height below this to avoid the added legwork.

Dig Out A Trench And Level The Soil

Once you have established that your soil conditions are conducive for installing limestone retaining walls in Perth, your next step is to dig out a trench where you are placing the retaining wall. Shovel the area to your desired shape, but make sure the trench is well levelled. You may need to remove any stones and lumps present in this area.

Place The First Blocks Of Limestone Inside The Trench

Begin by placing the blocks of limestone to form the wall structure. Lay each end of the block against the other, but avoid using cement or mortar hold them together for the first layer. This first block level should ideally be below ground level within the trench to ensure a proper foundation is created.

Build Additional Wall Layers

Start building the second level and so on by placing limestone blocks in a brick pattern. You may have to apply mortar and cement to hold the wall in place for every additional layer you decide to lay for building your limestone retaining walls in Perth. Before building additional wall layers, make sure that all debris is removed from the top of base layers to ensure that the higher layers sit well.

Take Care To Direct Water From The Wall

You should take proper care to direct water away from the wall structure when learning how to lay limestone retaining wall blocks. You may need to get a professional to install drainpipes and drainage blankets. You can even get weep holes installed to let water flow effortlessly through the walls. This will ensure that pressure from water doesn’t end up damaging your retaining wall.

WA Stoneworks: Your Professional Partner For Limestone Retaining Walls In Perth

Before planning how to lay limestone retaining wall blocks, you need to consider everything – from getting council approvals to gathering the right tools and materials for the job. Building limestone retaining walls requires expertise because of the local conditions, so choosing a professional specialist like WA Stoneworks will ensure that you benefit from a flawless job. Specialists assess everything from soil conditions and height regulations to design and foundation building for the best visual and functional finish. At WA Stoneworks, we work with you at every step, while helping you consider every factor when planning to build limestone retaining walls in Perth.

If you’re confident of doing the job on your own and you know how to lay limestone retaining wall blocks, then you must ensure they resonate with your home’s exterior appearance. We are also happy to provide you with professional advice, so that your DIY retaining wall building job is successful.