Perth’s Very Own Limestone Delivers Amplified Interest

If you’re of the notion than limestone is a boring and outdated rock in Perth, think again because these limestone rock fun facts are about to ‘rock’ your world. So what if you’re not a geology major or a whiz kid at everything related to rocks?

Some cool facts about limestone will help beat your misconception that limestone is dull and boring. And it will paint new light on your plans to install a limestone retaining wall in Perth.

limestone rock fun facts in Perth, Western Australia

Limestone Rock Fun Facts | Light-Hearted Familiarity About The Material Used In Your Retaining Walls

Limestone is a well-known sedimentary rock made up of at least 50 percent calcium carbonate.

Since sedimentary rocks are made from different sediments, the rest of limestone could comprise of any other material.

Limestone is available in abundance in the Perth region, which is why it has soared in popularity as a choice for retaining walls. In fact, limestone is regarded as one of the most important elements of architecture and construction in the region because of its affordability and versatility, which is why it is also used for multiple other applications like floor tiles, window sills and stair treads.

But that isn’t all limestone is worth, so you may want to take a look at these limestone rock fun facts to get rid of any misconceptions you have of the stone.

  • Remember studying about stalagmites and stalactites in caves? They are nothing but leftover limestone once water evaporates.
  • Limestone is available in virtually any colour based on the elements combined with the calcium carbonate present in limestone. The stone is ordinarily white otherwise.
  • Limestone is famously found in wet areas, which means that it could contain shells and other organism waste matter.
  • Some animals like chicken and cattle have limestone added to their dietary feeds because it provides the calcium necessary for their health.
  • Powdered limestone is often used in many mines as a precautionary measure because it helps to absorb pollutants in the air and to prevent the risk of an explosion. Perfect for Perth’s mines, isn’t it?
  • Limestone rock can be used on roofs to reduce heat-related damage.
  • Chalk is a specific type of limestone made from marine animals and shells.
  • Roof textures are often created thanks to crushed limestone added in roofing tar.
  • Limestone is usually available in shallow parts of seawater.
  • The casing stones on the Great Pyramids of Egypt are made from limestone.
  • In the 1700’s, lithography incorporated limestone, where pictures were drawn and copied on stones.
  • Limestone is regarded as an organic sedimentary rock because it contains dead organisms.
  • Limestone transforms into a metamorphic marble rock when placed under high levels of heat and pressure.
  • Limestone is used as an acid neutralising agent.

Limestone rock wall fun facts from Perth, Australia

These light-hearted limestone rock fun facts are not only quirky, but they can change your perception of the dullness of limestone in your home. Even the builders of the Great Pyramids considered them valuable enough to use for building, so why shouldn’t you?

Why Limestone Retaining Walls For Your Home?

Now that you’re privy to some limestone rock fun facts, you may change your opinion of the stone for the better. Limestone retaining walls are sturdy constructions for the local ground conditions of Perth, so they are ideal applications for any home.

They have come a long way in terms of design, innovation and structural integrity, so they do more than just prevent soil erosion. In fact, most homeowners use them as foundations to enhance the curb appeal of their homes. Apart from protecting plants and stabilising inclinations around your home, you’ll love the architectural dexterity that a limestone retaining wall in Perth can bring to your home.

How WA Stoneworks Can Work With You?

WA Stoneworks comes with unrivalled experience of over two decades in building limestone retaining walls across the Perth region, so you can rest assured that we will bring professional expertise to your doorstep every time. We specialise in limestone retaining wall installation and design, so if you’re looking for a worry-free structure, then you’ve come to the right place when you work with us. Give us a call today and find out how we can bring value to your retaining wall needs. Don’t live under the misconception that limestone is a dreary and lacklustre material, especially after you’ve read these quirky and infinitely interesting limestone rock fun facts