Can WA Stoneworks provide a free quote for my limestone wall project?

Yes, WA Stoneworks, the Perth limestone specialists, would be happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote. In most cases, we will arrange to meet you onsite to ensure we have an exact understanding of your requirements and go through any questions you may have regarding your limestone wall project. If you have any drawings or plans for your project please send them through with your enquiry as this will assist in providing an accurate and competitive quote.

Are there different types of limestone blocks available?

There are typically three types of limestone blocks that can be used for building limestone walls which each create a different style and look for your project. All blocks are equally durable and versatile in their composition.

  • Reconstituted limestone blocks – reconstituted limestone blocks are the most common limestone blocks used to construct walls and are made from crushed limestone and cement. They appear cream in colour and are available with a bevel face or plain face.
  • Natural limestone blocks – natural limestone blocks are cut straight from the quarry floors and do not go through a manufacturing process. They appear less uniform in their shape, colour and size than reconstituted blocks.
  • Natural Earth limestone blocks – Natural Earth blocks appear red in colour and are manufactured using rammed earth to create the rustic tones. These blocks are available in a bevel face or plain face.
Can WA Stoneworks assist with design ideas, colours and textures?

With plenty of experience in the field, WA Stoneworks is happy to assist with design ideas for your limestone wall project. We can work with you to develop a high quality and aesthetically appealing wall to suit your needs including feature stonework to add that unique touch.

Do I require Council Approval to construct a limestone wall?

Depending on the area you live, there may be a requirement by your local council to have the erection of a limestone wall approved before construction. WA Stoneworks is happy to assist you through the Council process or act on your behalf when approaching your Council. Generally, any retaining over 500mm in height will require Council Approval.

Do I require Engineered Specifications for my limestone retaining wall project?

Depending on the size of your project, you may require Engineered Specifications. Walls over certain heights or that are required to act in a weight bearing capacity, such as retaining walls, will often require Engineered Specifications to ensure they are capable of performing their intended purpose. Along with your application to Council, Engineered Specifications will need to be attached. WA Stoneworks can assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation to get your project underway. If you have any further questions, get in contact with us today!