Retaining Wall Perth Needs Governed By Local Council Regulations.

Retaining wall Perth is a vital need for many homes because of the loose nature of local soil conditions. Without retaining walls, you’ll find it incredibly difficult to undertake any form of landscaping without worrying about damage from soil movement. Retaining walls are also fundamental to changing land levels for ensuring evenness of the ground around your home. This will minimise the risk of any earth movement, which can damage the structural integrity of your home.retaining wall Perth western australia

While retaining walls appear simple, the fact is that there’s a tremendous amount of skill and engineering that go into building them. Understanding your local council regulations will help you in your quest to build a retaining wall for your home.

Do You Need Local Council Approval For Your Retaining Wall Perth?

When adding retaining walls to your home in Perth, some aspects related to local council rules and regulations can be complicated. In some instances, you may need council approval, while you may not in others. Rules and regulations are different across local shires, but the general rule is that any retaining wall above 500 mm in height requires Building Permit and Planning Approval from a local council. Most walls built under this height can be built without council approval. The retaining wall height is measured from the ground level area to the wall top.commercial limestone retaining wall perth, this was taken in the suburb of Beldon

Process Of Applying For Retaining Walls Perth Local Council Approval

While any wall below 500 mm in height doesn’t require local council approval, anything above it needs to be approved. If you’re looking to get council approval on your own for all types of retaining walls, including limestone retaining walls Perth, then you need to follow a specific process to avoid any complications or problems. Use this guide to help you in the process of applying for retaining wall Perth local council approval.

  • Get access to a site plan of your property and determine your specific needs before planning the retaining wall building process.
  • Work with a retaining wall builder with in-depth understanding of local conditions to establish your proposed design with all dimensions and heights.
  • Get your local builder to prepare a finished plan with height and weight specifications.
  • You will need to get 7 copies the finished plan printed in an A3 format for the planning application, the building license and your own records.
  • Take these printed plans to your local council and get them verified by the planning officer to ensure they comply with local regulations. You may need the builder to make certain changes before you receive building approval for your retaining walls task. The planning officer may even recommend small changes to help you avoid having to get the approval, so long as your wall falls within restriction.
  • If you need planning approval, then you will need to fill up some forms for lodgement.
  • You will then need detailing from your structural engineer, so you can either email them or visit them in person to get the details.
  • Once you receive the details from the engineer, you will need to take them along with your building application form and copies of your retaining wall plan to submit them to local council offices.

Structural Engineer Detail, Planning Approval And Building License Timelines

Structural engineering detail will cover every structural aspect of the building process and is typically insured by the engineer. A structural engineer takes approximately 3 weeks to issue structural engineering details for your retaining wall needs and will send them to you via email.

Once you have received the structural engineering details and submit it to your local council, planning approval will then take up to 60 days to get approved. Organising a meeting with your local shire and establishing whether you meet all regulations is key to making the application process as seamless as possible.

A building license can take up to 5 weeks to be processed. Once you get the building approval, you can work with your retaining wall Perth builder to meet proposed guidelines. When applying for the building license, you should have the structural engineering detail along with your forms and site plans.

As a property owner, you will need to ensure that all retaining walls and limestone retaining walls in Perth meet all approvals to avoid any expensive fines later. Experienced builders like WA Stoneworks have the skill and expertise to guide you through the entire process of acquiring approvals for your retaining wall Perth building process.